Not-So-Crazy Fishing at Crazy Creek
By angelamontana

Posted: May 28, 2013
(photo courtesy of Angela Montana)

Coincidence that my new fishing pole matches my lucky fishing hat (pictured above)?   Maybe….maybe not.

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I went camping down the Bitterroot this past weekend right next to Crazy Creek, but I left my fishing pole in Corvallis!  So, what did I do?   Well, I certainly wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to go fishing when we were so close to water, so I bought a new pole.

There was a problem I ran into, though.  I wasn’t wearing my lucky fishing hat!  I must have temporarily lost my mind, as every time I have worn my Montana Outdoor Radio Show hat fishing, I have caught something.  But, that was not going to stop me from trying!

I heard that somebody caught a pretty big trout in Crazy creek the month before near the beaver dams, which means that there are definitely fish in there.  I also know of a five year-old that caught a brook trout from the same area.  How could I NOT catch something, right? Maybe I should’ve asked what they were biting…


I actually did end up fishing in the beaver dam pools, using a wedding ring spinner, which I thought would be promising, but, unfortunately, I didn’t even see any fish , and the water was crystal clear.  I have heard the wedding rings are better for trolling, so maybe that was part of my problem.  Or, maybe the fish were scared away by my fishing attire?  Purple boots, a pink plaid shirt dress and a camo sweatshirt with skinny jeans aren’t exactly appealing any time, much less when a person is fishing-ha!

Really though, it  just makes me even more determined to catch something from this particular location, especially knowing that other people, including a 5 year-old, have been successful.  I was thinking about switching up my lures to a rooster tail for my return trip.  Maybe that will get them biting.

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