Visit Pat Slater – Professional Angler of Mack’s Lure & Ranger Boats – at Bretz RV & Marine Billings Tour America!
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Posted: May 8, 2013
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A word from Pat Slater:


I hope everyone had a great winter, spring seems to be doing it’s “here one day, gone the next routine”, typical for the mountain west. I’m anxious like most anglers to be out on the water every chance I get but the weather has changed my plans many times.

Today I’d like to let everyone know I will be part of a distinguished group of anglers giving seminars May 11th at Bretz RV and Marine Billings Tour America. I will be speaking at 11:30 AM on “Walleyes on Crankbaits” and at 2:30 PM on “Equipment and Techniques for Livebait Walleyes“.

During the first seminar I’ll talk about the “Where”, where do you start…. On a body of water the size of Fort Peck, it is easy to be overwhelmed. I’ll talk about the “What”, what lure do I start with and why. With a box full of baits, which one gets clipped on first… And I’ll talk about “How”, how to best present the lure in the best, most efficent manner, (ie. Casting vs. Trolling).

The second seminar, “… Livebait Walleyes” is something we could talk about for much longer than Saturday afternoon so I’ll have to limit myself to talking about “Dead Stick” techniques and “Wind Drifting”. We’ll discuss what I like in a rod for pulling harnesses, line and reel options and how to adapt the equipment you have for different methods. Also I’d like to talk a little about boat control and positioning for success.

I’m really looking forward to this opportunity and I hope everyone will come out and say “Hi”! Based on last year’s event I know the folks at Bretz RV and Marine Billings Tour America will be great hosts!

‘Til next time….Be Smart and Be Safe!

Pat Slater
Pro Staff: Mack’s Lure & Ranger Boats
National Professional Angler Association #757

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