Bear Hunting Tips by Joe Kondelis of the Yellowstone Country Bear Hunters Association – 5.4.13
By angelamontana

Posted: May 4, 2013
(Photo courtesy of Brad Roper)

This is Joe from the Yellowstone Country Bear Hunters Association with your weekly bear hunting tip.

As Hunters it is our responsibility to make quick kills and recover all game. Black Bears have a unique anatomy that differs in that of most ungulates like deer and elk. Bears vital organs are positioned higher and more forward in the body cavity. The positioning of their front leg and heavy bone structure acts as a heavy defense for their vitals. A broad side or slight quartering away position is the best and highest percentage shot angle. One rule of thumb when making a shot on a bear is to place the crosshairs on the front shoulder crease midway up the body. This will ensure a lung shot and dispatch the bear quickly and humanely.

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