Montana Tourists Targeted By Wolf Billboards
By OutdoorAly

Posted: May 9, 2013

The Wrong Message

Graphic billboards are now up targeting unsuspecting tourists near Yellowstone Park.

The roads in Yellowstone are nearly 100 percent open and the estimated 3.5 million visitors this year are being targeted by an animal rights movement against wolf management.

The movement called Project Wolf, have funded billboards located in or near entrances to Yellowstone Park including Cody, Wyoming; the Montana cities of Bozeman and Red Lodge; and Rexburg, Idaho.

It seems clear that the organization behind the billboards intends to evoke emotion and raise controversy over wolf management practices and are using graphic images to lure tourists to their cause.


Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has stepped forward and addressed the regional advertiser that displayed the billboards. Here is a paragraph pulled from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation President & CEO David Allen’s letter addressed to manager of Palmer Outdoor Advertising an advertising company that claims they have no choice but to display the disturbing images:

The billboard in question references an organization called; a group of organizations who lost the discussion/debate on wolf management in the laboratories, the legal court rooms, and the court of public opinion in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. These organizations pretend to stand for conservation and science-based management of wildlife, yet they contribute nothing to wildlife conservation. Instead, they seek financial donations and put nothing forth to truly conserve and manage our wildlife.

Read David Allen’s full letter on RMEF blog here. To weigh in on the issue, go to the On Your Own Adventures Hunt Talk forum.

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