Fort Peck Fishing Frenzy – Day One
By angelamontana

Posted: June 25, 2013

Monday was a great day for fishing on Fort Peck with Cameron Moline from Lewistown.  It wasn’t 30 minutes when Cameron reeled in a 25-inch walleye (pictured above).

IMG_1592We fished west of HellCreek at the Snow Creek Area for most of day. It seemed that slow death with a red bead was the most effective, but it also seemed that everything was working.  The fish were biting so good that I even caught a 30 inch walleye (pictured on left). Everybody is catching fish and the cleaning is busy.

We saw Clint Thomas at HellCreek Marina and he said it has been a great summer so far.

We caught walleyes on Nightcrawlers, Leeches, Gulp and rapalas.

It was just another day in Paradise!

(Report by the Captain; photos: the Captain)

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