Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 6.7.13
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Posted: June 7, 2013
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Bozeman Rec Report 

Please use caution in the rivers as some may be running high and fast.

Don’t forget to “Inspect. Clean. And Dry.” your boats and trailers to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Upper Madison River waters have been fairly clear and slower moving than some of the other rivers. Give Woolly buggers and streamers a try. We have also been having some luck with hare’s ears and pheasant tails. There are some upcoming hatches and it would be advisable to keep golden stones, caddis, PMDs, yellow sallies, and green drakes with you too.

The lower Madison is proving to be consistently good fishing, one of the better areas to go to right now. Crayfish patterns are working very well, along with sculpins and conehead buggers. Also try some dries like PMDs and caddis flies, just like the Upper Madi some of the hatches are starting.

The Yellowstone is still running pretty fast, high, and with hit and miss visibility. Nymphing and streamers are getting the most action right now.

Gallatin River has low visibility. Streamers seem to be doing the best, if you are slow to get hits try darker colored nymphs.

Hyalite is not 100% but give it a whirl, especially in the evenings with some dries like the parachute adams.
Butte Rec Report

Rivers are still dark colored this week in SW Montana due to typical June rains. Definitely clearer than last week, but not where we all like the streams to be when fishing.

March Browns, Grey Wulff and a few small caddis have showing some promise on the Big Hole this week. Dark Black or Olive stone fly Nymphs have been fished this past week with moderate success. Spin Fishermen are casting Rapalas, Mepps, and Panther Martins in a variety of colors with good success.

The Beaverhead River is running high from Clark Canyon with excellent conditions below Pointdexter Slough. Stonefly Nymphs (golden preferred) were very good choices. Callebaetis Cripples in size 14 or 16 are good choices on warmer days.

Clark Canyon has been fishing good for deep swimming browns. Rapalas fished about 3 feet off the bottom have been getting 4-6 lb. bottom huggers.

The Ruby above and below the dam have been good recently for all fishermen. Various spinners, baits and early dries or beadheads are effective.

Fishermen are grabbing up Mohair Leech Patterns, Wooly buggers and Damsel flies in preparation for Father’s day on Georgetown lake.

(Report by Ryan Corwin – Bob Ward and Sons)
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