2013 Montana Govenor’s Cup – Day One Leaders
By Kamp Cook

Posted: July 12, 2013
KLTZ - Glasgow

KLTZ – Glasgow

The 2013 Governor’s Cup is underway. So far, a lot of great fish have been caught.

Day One Leaders

  • 1st Ken Schmidt and Mark Jones from Glasgow 27.12 pounds
  • 2nd MyronSylte and Micheal Hartman 21.98 pounds
  • 3rd Steve Bell and Lisa Ball (Father Daughter from Glasgow) 21.98
  • 4rd Rick Pokszywinski Larry Durand with 21.42 pounds
  • 5th Scott Woodward Shawn Walker 20.3 pounds
  • 6th Todd Young Trent Young 19.52 pounds

120 teams are competing in this years Govenor’s walleye tournament at Fort Peck Dam

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