Register for the Montana Wolf Trapping Certification Class – Public Welcome
By angelamontana

Posted: July 10, 2013

sterling2I took the wolf trapping certification class last year, and let me tell you–they cover everything in that course.  Wolf trapping is a touchy subject to many, and for that reason, the general public is also welcome to sit in on these courses.

If you didn’t take the course last year in Montana or Idaho, and you are interested this year, you can see the course schedule and register with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks online by clicking HERE.

Whether you’re for wolf and trapping or against it, I highly recommend registering or, at the very least, sitting in on one of these courses. Here are the main topics that are covered in the course, via FWP:

  •  trapping ethics, regulations, equipment, and proper techniques to avoid trapping non-target species;
  • history of wolves in Montana;
  • the current status of wolves in the state;
  • wolf management and the role of trapping in conservation;
  • caring for a harvested wolf;
  • and reporting and registering one’s harvest.

I bet that you will leave there knowing something you didn’t know when you walked in the door.

So, check it out, as the classes filled up quickly last year.

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