The Miracle Weed for Humans – Plantain
By angelamontana

Posted: July 25, 2013


The benefits of the perennial “weed” plantain are insanely huge.  This weed is a survivalist’s dream.  Not only can it be ingested and used externally, but, in the words of a post on, it works as “an Alterative meaning that it is one of about 100 plants that clean and correct impure conditions of the blood and the eliminative tissues and organs.”

This miracle plant does everything from cooling and soothing wounds and stopping minor bleeding to treating skin disorders, being used as treatment for blood poisoning and so much more.

The most interesting thing about this perennial “weed” is that it is found just about everywhere–even in asphalt cracks!  As a matter of fact, you most likely have some growing in your yard! It is very adaptable and will grow in sun and shade and in almost any type of soil. Plantain is spread by seeds.

There are so many incredibly amazing uses for this ordinary, and very common, plant.  Click HERE to check out several uses of plantain.  It’s absolutely incredible to think that we have all of this healing power right outside!   Who would’ve thought that an everyday weed could be a good thing to have?

Here are a few pictures that can help you identify plantain:


(Cover photo:

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