Bozmean/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 8.2.13
By angelamontana

Posted: August 2, 2013


MT FWP announced that there will be restrictions on angling times to coolest parts of the day. The affected waters include the upper Big Hole, lower Madison, Smith, Dearborn, and Sun rivers where fishing will be prohibited between 2 p.m. and midnight. Signs explaining the local restrictions will be posted at fishing access sites.

UMR. If hitting the water in the mornings and evenings when the water is cooler concentrate on the dries such as damselflies, elk hair caddis, tan and olive body colored caddis, stone flies and stimulators. If you are out when the temperatures are rising try some nymphing with 16 and 18 sized flashback pheasant tail, copper johns, copper bobs, rainbow warriors, and ray charles….think low and small.

LMR Best to hit this stretch early in the morning with tricos, elk hair caddis, x-caddis and yellow humpies

Yellowstone still is phenomenal it still has good water, good flow, good pools for the fish…The yellow humpy and trico hatch is still going but streamers seem to be pulling in some large fish. Try wooly buggers and sculpins you can strip or even a dead drift is working well. There are some good stretches that are producing some good rises on hoppers numerous sizes and colors.

Gallatin River Try yellow humpies, chubbies, elk hair caddis (tan and olive body don’t go too dark yet), stimulators, and spruce moths. If nymphing use the same patterns as the Upper Madison and hare’s ear nymphs as well. When fishing on the Gallatin think large size flies on top and think small for underneath.

Hyalite-if you want to try your hand at the lake the following patterns have been go getters…attractor patterns, parachute adams, purple haze, royal wulff, helgramite try a dead drift or stripping it, and hare’s ear.


Hoot Owl Water Restrictions are in effect on all rivers in sw Montana, except the Ruby and the Beaverhead due to drought conditions. The lower Big Hole from Salmon fly to the point it dumps into the Jefferson River is on 24 hour closure. You can fish the rivers during hoot owl hours which are 12 midnight to 2 p..m eliminating fishing pressure during the heat of the day.

The Big Hole River has been great fishing with large purple parachutes. A little hopper action is beginning on the upper Big Hole as well.

The Jefferson River has been good fishing with size 12 or 14 blue dun or PMD’s early in the morning and Golden stone nymphs.

The Beaverhead is great fishing however, overcrowded. Expect 10-12 boats and bank fisherman every 3 to 4 miles of river. Yellow Sallies with a small bead head dropper have been effective flies.

Green drakes and hoppers on Poindexter Slough. The Beaverhead is open to spin fishermen and bait fishermen night crawlers or Grasshoppers are recommended if you like using live bait.

Clark Canyon has been excellent fishing this summer for spin fishermen trolling crankbaits. Brown and Gold size 7 countdown rapalas are popular.

Georgetown Lake is giving up a lot of fish this summer. Hybrid Rainbows have been taken recently in the 3-4lb 16” range. Mepps or Panther Martin Spinners and Thomas Cyclones have been good choices.

(Report by Ryan Corwin – Bob Ward and Sons; Cover photo:

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