Collared Wolf Shot Near Gardiner
By angelamontana

Posted: August 26, 2013

According to, a collared wolf was shot in the Jardine area this past Saturday, not too far from Gardiner.  The wolf was referred to as “Gypsy” by some people, and her collar number was 820F.  Montana’s archery season for wolves opens September 7th.

Here’s the news report:

Officials with Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks say a female collared wolf was shot by a private citizen in the Jardine area Saturday. The wolf was displaying clear signs of escalating habituation. This wolf had recently come in close proximity to a number of homes, killed a cat as well as several chickens.

Attempts to haze the wolf away from properties had been made by FWP and members of the public, but the wolf continued to display “unusually” bold behavior.

The wolf had lived primarily in Yellowstone National Park as a member of the Lamar Canyon pack until spring of this year. She then left and has lived in the Jardine area since.

FWP investigated the wolf mortality in consultation with USDA-Wildlife Services.


(Report by; Photo via Google Maps)

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