Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 9.6.13
By angelamontana

Posted: September 6, 2013


UMR. Early is still better. The dry fly action is up and down. Best suggestion is using a stimulator orange or JT Stimi or other attractor fly with a smaller caddis or smaller purple colored lightning bug or pheasant tail behind it. Try using other terrestrials such as ants and beetles to change things up smaller sizes have been having better results….it has been a bee full summer try casting some bees along the bank as another option.

LMR The restrictions are still in place that the lower Madison is closed from 2pm to midnight to recreation due to drought conditions. If you want to head that way try using smaller dries purple cripple haze, caddis flies, and yellow sallies or nymphs such as san juan worms, small rubber legs, pheasant tails but the action has been spotty.

Yellowstone The recent rain storms have been making the water clarity poor. Stick with flashier flies. The nymphing has been very effective with sculpin and wooly bugger patterns. Hoppers like brown bechos and fat alberts have been getting some action-stick to the banks.

Gallatin River-. Nymphing using smaller patterns are working well if fish are not rising try using . Hoppers are working great used in combination with a dropper such as copper bobs in green and black colors, MREs, rainbow warriors, and bh rainbow Czech nymphs. You can always try a stimulator fly with a smaller nymph as a dropper as well.

Dailey Lake-Temporary closure of the west shore access road to Daily lake.



Fishing has been tough lately in Southwest Montana because of drought conditions. Delmo reservoir is completely dry and Harrison reservoir is extremely low. Clark Canyon reservoir is fishing well for trollers and baitcasting. Golden #7 Countdown Rapalas, and suspended nightcrawlers have been great choices.

Georgetown reservoir is producing fish for bait casters, spin fishermen, and fly fishermen. Powerbait, corn and nightcrawlers are effective fished about a foot off the bottom. Steamers stripped through the weedbeds have ben effective this past week.

The Big Hole has been good during early morning hours to small caddis and beadheads. Hoppers have been effective mid morning to mid day. Maiden Rock has had some evening Spruce Moth activity. The Upper Mountain lakes have shown the most promise as of late. Dry flies, terrestrials, and humpies have been good choices.

The Beaverhead has been hot below Pipe organ Bridge. Brown Bear blacks are the nymph of choice. Hoppers have been effective as the water warms.

(Report by Ryan Corwin – Bob Ward and Sons; Cover photo:

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