Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 9.27.13
By angelamontana

Posted: September 27, 2013


General hunting season is just around the corner with Antelope and pheasant starting on October 12th. Deer and Elk general season will be starting on October 26th.


Most rivers and streams have had fishing restrictions lifted. For the complete up to date listing you can go to:

http://fwp.mt.gov/news/restrictions/waterClosure.html>Water Closures

Some good flies to use right now are Para Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, and hoppers in smaller sizes 14-20. Try nymphing using San Juan Worms in red or pink or scuds in tan and gray.

Holding Helena Reservoir:

Salmon snagging is slowing down and ends on September 31st. The perch have been picking up using white corn and worms.

Missouri River:

Temperatures are dropping and we are expecting some more rain. Try nymphing using San Juan Worms again in red or pink or scuds in tan and gray. Find the holes. Hoppers and Elk hair caddis are doing well.

Canyon Ferry:

Rainbow trout are biting on just worms and marshmallows. With the change in temperature the Walleye bite is increasing. Green and yellow jigs seem to be the key. Some say a lavender blade is working fairly well. Brown trout are more active during the early hours of the day and slowly dropping off as the sun comes up.

Hauser Lake:

Below the dam and along the steep banks of Hauser Lake, walleye fishing has been good, but with the weather changing it could change to spotty. Bottom bouncers with a fire tiger and crawler might be your best bet. Walleye fishing at the Causeway has been fair. They are using the double hook with blade set up, sticking with the brighter colors in the blades.

(Report by Ryan Corwin – Bob Ward and Sons; Cover photo: mysticwaters.com)

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