Montana Wolf and Bear Rifle Seasons Start Today
By OutdoorAly

Posted: September 15, 2013

This year’s general wolf season opens today with fewer restrictions than in past years. The state wildlife officials have responded to public pressure over livestock attacks and declines in elk herds, eased up on license fees, and raised the limit to a five-wolf per person bag limit.

According to recent Missoulian article Montana had 625 wolves at the beginning of 2013.

Almost 6,000 state residents have purchased wolf licenses so far for $19 apiece. That’s roughly in line with last year’s sales figures. The general rifle season runs through March 15.

A Missoula resident recently collected money to give out free wolf tags, and he ended up with enough donations to give out 9 resident wolf tags and two out-of-state wolf tags. Check out this post from here, and log onto Montana wolf hunting Facebook page here for upcoming wolf hunting and trapping promotions.

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