Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 10.4.13
By angelamontana

Posted: October 4, 2013


The snow is working its way lower and lower. It is time to get out your camo and see if it is weather ready. Be “not seen” in new camo from your favorite hunting brands, we have it all.

With several seasons opening just around the corner we recommend stopping in and looking at our big game calls. The elk can tall when you’re using last seasons call…

Pheasant season opens October 12th and the dogs have spent the off season indulging in to many milk bones. Get them out and ready to hunt those birds with training aids from Bob Ward’s.

There have been a few elk and deer taken during archery season, good job to all of you! Archery wraps up October 20th so I don’t have to tell you to get in those trips while the gettings good!

Waterfowl hunters: The season is open and off to a great start. Bob Ward’s has ammo on sale now! Check the weather in your target area and hope for favorable conditions.

Elk hunters: For elk hunters think snow and more snow. Montana’s general, five-week long, elk hunting season opens Oct. 26. Montana’s elk populations are in good shape-even as predation by wolves has contributed to some depressed elk populations in parts of western and southwestern Montana. Once again this season, Montana hunters will pursue elk under some very favorable regulations but, as ever, the weather will play a big part in hunter success. With some good old fashioned cold and snow it could be a banner year for elk. Read the full article here: http://fwp.mt.gov/news/newsReleases/hunting/nr_2015.html

Deer hunters: On the upside, FWP wildlife biologists are reporting better fawn production and survival in many areas. Like other big game hunting, a nice cold front with plenty of snow should lead to some good hunting this season. On the downside, reports of another spotty outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease-a fatal virus in deer that’s caused by biting insects-are coming in from across Montana.

Read the full article here: http://fwp.mt.gov/news/newsReleases/hunting/nr_2016.html

Antelope hunters: Even as populations begin a slow rebound, hunters in Montana will have to work hard to bag an antelope again this season in many areas. Read the full article here: http://fwp.mt.gov/news/newsReleases/hunting/nr_2014.html

  • Antelope and pheasant start on October 12th.
  • Deer Youth is October 17-18.
  • Deer and Elk general season will be starting on October 26th


Some good flies to use right now are Para Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, and hoppers in smaller sizes 14-20. Try nymphing using San Juan Worms red or pink or scuds tan and gray.

Holding Helena Reservoir:

The perch are picking up when using white corn and worms. Some ling have been pulled up using leaches and other “trash fish.” Best results come during the evening hours.

Missouri river:

Temperatures are dropping and we are expecting some more rain. As the water temp. lowers the streamers should pick up and produce some fish. The flies to try are the October caddis, tricos fly, beetles, and hoppers.

Canyon Ferry:

Rainbow trout are biting on just worms and marshmallows. With the change in temperature the Walleye bite seems to be increasing. Green and yellow jigs are the key. Some say a lavender blade worked well for them. Brown trout become more active during the early hours of the day and slowly dropping off as the sun comes up.

Hauser Lake:

Below the dam and along steep banks of Hauser Lake, walleye fishing has been good, but with the weather changing it could be spotty at best. Bottom bouncers with a fire tiger and crawler should be your best bet. Walleye fishing at the Causeway has been fair. They are using the double hook with blade set up, sticking with the brighter colors in the blades.

(Report by Ryan Corwin – Bob Ward and Sons; Cover photo: nextcamo.com)

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