3 Hamilton Men Lose Hunting Privileges for Poaching 25 Deer
By OutdoorAly

Posted: November 30, 2013

The Missoulian recently reported three men from the Hamilton area were found guilty for hunting for thrill of it last year. The exact number of deer killed illegally is unknown but one of the men said it was between 20-25. They were cited for hunting without a license, at night, and using a spotlight. All three have been fined and hunting privileges suspended. Here is the news article:

HAMILTON – Three Hamilton men have forfeited their hunting privileges after being found guilty of killing deer for the thrill of it last year.

One defendant told investigators the men shot as many as 25 deer, but wardens were only able to locate nine, said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks warden Lou Royce.

“We really don’t have a clue exactly how many deer they shot,” Royce said. “One defendant said they shot between 20 and 25 deer with a .22. The deer could have run off and died in the woods or been hauled off by predators. There could still be deer out there with bullets in them.”……Read the rest of the Missoulian story here.

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