Duck Dynasty’s Robertsons to Release Duck Commander Wine
By OutdoorAly

Posted: November 7, 2013

Which type of wine to you like best white or redneck? I mean red. Well, now you won’t have to choose because the Robertson family is releasing three types of wine later this month. Triple Threat Red Blend (“silky, soft, and jam-like”), Wood Duck Chardonnay (“crisp flavors of apple and pear”), and Miss Priss Pink Moscato (“passion fruit with a hint of vanilla”).

Don’t worry, the wine isn’t from the vineyard featured in the first season where the family made a huge mess stomping grapes in their feeble attempt at making wine. This time they have teamed up with Napa winemakers at Trinchero Family Estates to make the wine.

The first bottles of Duck Commander Wines will be released this month. And of course it wouldn’t be Duck Dynasty if there wasn’t camouflage involved; the labels all have their signature camo-pattern. The bottles will retail for less than $10 a bottle.

“Yuppie folks ain’t the only ones who can enjoy good wine. This is good wine for good people, and it’s made by good people,” Willie Robertson told PEOPLE magazine. That story can be found here.

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