Top 5 Concept Trucks From SEMA
By OutdoorAly

Posted: November 17, 2013

I spent all last week in Las Vegas at the Specialty Equipment Market Association , known more commonly by its acronym; SEMA, convention show in Las Vegas. If you are into custom cars, or trucks, this is the place to see everything that is new on the market. Naturally, I was drawn to all the amazing, custom, off road trucks. These beasts are custom built for very specific outdoor lifestyles. Take a look at my top five favorites from the SEMA show:

Black Ops

Photography by Evan Sears

The Black Ops Silverado is the truck you’d want, Chevy says, “if you had to take a truck to the edge of the Earth and back after the meltdown of civilization.” Based on an all-new 2014 Silverado, it comes with equipment meant to help you survive in the harshest of circumstances: zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, you name it.

Speaking of zombie apocalypse, one great nod was made to “Zombieland,” the Woody Harrelson flick, with a big stash of Twinkies tied down in the bed…more details here


Photos by Evan Sears

Let’s Go Moto Toyota Tundra

Starting with a 2014 Tundra CrewMax, the builders added about 3 feet to the wheelbase by melding separate frames in order to fit a full-size 8-foot bed on the back end. The custom bed box was fabricated by team leader Coy Gibbs with a huge helping of input from professional riders Justin Brayton and Josh Grant. The end result is a motorcycle transport vehicle that has just about every tool and convenience a motocross rider could want…Read more in their press release here.


Snow-Ready DC Shoes Tacoma

Built with skiing, snowmobiling and snowboarding in mind, the pickup truck’s entire exterior is shot with Blizzard White Rhino Lining for extreme weather abuse. The bed was modified to accept a custom slide-out storage bin with multiple lockable compartments; it doubles as a platform for loading and mounting a full-size snowmobile. Bedside racks were mounted on both sides of the truck to hold as many as four snowboards and several pairs of skis…read more here.


Ram Concept

The new Ram HD gets a 3-inch suspension lift (using the factory coils to keep as much of the factory ride as possible), custom AEV bumpers that incorporate wide-mouth fender flares able to accommodate a 40-inch tire at the end of each live axle, custom aluminum rims and an exclusive High Steer kit that keeps the steering geometry near stock even though it runs a suspension lift…read more here


Ford F-350- Eco Trek

Created by EcoTrek Foundation founder Tom Holm, this Ford F-350 Lariat 4×4 crew cab was designed to be an eco-friendly extreme expedition vehicle, capable of being deployed during disasters in remote areas.

The truck uses the stock Power Stroke powertrain with the factory six-speed automatic, but the engine runs on a unique algae-based biodiesel fuel (also being looked at by the U.S. military) and, along with the 50-gallon auxiliary tank under the bed, will go up to 1,800 miles between fill-ups. This “off-the-grid” rig has a 9-inch suspension lift with air bags and sits on aggressive 38-inch BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires….more details here




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