Fourteen Year-Old Goes Deer Hunting and Bags first Bull
By angelamontana

Posted: December 30, 2013

Fourteen year-old Brett Traxler and his Dad went out mule deer hunting in HD 291, near Garrison, during Montana’s 2013 big game rifle season.  “We saw some good bucks on the drive, but I passed them up,” recalled Brett.  His Dad found a location that looked pretty promising for muleys, but after further investigation, they decided to keep hunting, as the deer weren’t there as they had hoped.  However, on their way out from this location, they came across two 5×5 bull elk.  The two hunters ended up filling their elk tags and their freezer!  Brett will remember this hunt for the rest of his life and told us, “This is my first elk and an amazing memory.”

Congratulations on the bulls and for this being Brett’s first elk!


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