Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons 12.20.13
By angelamontana

Posted: December 20, 2013


Our gun liquidation sale is going on now!

Even if your preferred season is over you can still hunt for great deals in our hunting department.

Mountain lion season (with hounds) is in full swing and ends April 14th.

Wolf season is still going through March 15th.

Duck and Goose runs though the first part of January.

Please review your regulations for specific details on the areas you plan on hunting.

Make sure to bring pictures down of your successful hunts and post them on our board!


Holding Helena Reservoir: With warmer weather this week, make sure you are safe and measuring the ice before wading to far. The best set up is a Swedish pimple treble hook with maggot set up, or a glow hook/ maggot set up. Working closer to the shore seems to be the trick on catching the perch! Or around the middle island of the lake seems to be producing ling!

Canyon Ferry Lake: did have 6 inches of snow and there were a few ice fisherman out last week but with warmer temperatures this week it is important to check the ice depth and be safe when going out on the ice.

(Report by Ryan Corwin-Bob Ward & Sons)

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