Sick of the Cold? Check Out This Mask Designed by a Montana Hunter!
By OutdoorAly

Posted: December 7, 2013

The facemask is known as the ColdAvenger, and has a patented ventilator built in for extreme cold conditions.  The line of masks and balaclavas just came out in white for snow hunters. The mask system was developed by John B. Sullivan III, CEO of ColdAvenger, who was sick of the standard face mask fogging up his goggles, and getting wet from breathing. So he invented something better.

“The idea came to me when I was out in a sub-zero morning,” said Sullivan. “I had all the top of the line gear you could buy, and the best equipment for my face was basically a piece of fleece.”

Sullivan noticed all the other outdoor gear had a ton of technology and quality materials, all except what was available to cover your face in the cold.


“Even if you have all the best equipment, if your face is covered and uncomfortable because it is wet, you will be miserable, and your experience outdoors is ruined.”

After he sparked that idea, he spent the next three years developing a mask with a ventilator built into it. The ventilator might look strange at first glance, but if you are about function over fashion, there are some great benefits to looking like Darth Vador. The ventilator allows 100% natural free breathing while passively warming and humidifying incoming air. It also prevents the fogging of goggles and removes excess moisture away from the facial skin.

“Some of the coldest days I can remember are either sitting in my deer tree stand, or in the goose blind in December,” Sullivan said. “You are exposed in either instance and it gets really, really cold.”


In addition to the mask, ColdAvenger added a full balaclava for extra warmth. The ventilator mask fits snugly over the balaclava and can easily be removed if you need to take a quick drink of coffee or make a duck call while hunting. The rest of your head will still be protected.

But the product isn’t just limited to hunters; it is used by anyone spending time out in the cold. From someone out shoveling snow to extreme athletes on Arctic expeditions, this product allows them to stay outside longer.

The Montana Grizzly Football team could sure use one of these in the playoff game today! Brrr.

The product is available at Bob Wards, and REI, or online at


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