Wolves Kill Two Shetland Ponies in Glacier County
By angelamontana

Posted: December 23, 2013

Two Shetland ponies were killed by wolves in October, according to Montana’s Livestock Loss Board.  The incident was reported to have occurred in Glacier County.  The USDA investigations typically take approximately a month, and then the Livestock Loss Board receives the claims.  This verified claim just came in today.

If you are a livestock owner and suspect wolves have killed your livestock, call USDA Wildlife Services to request an investigation. The Western District number is 406-458-0106 or 406-657-6464 for USDA WSr state office. All loss claims paid by the Livestock Loss Board require the loss to be verified by USDA WS.

For more information on the Livestock Loss Board, visit www.llb.mt.gov, and find updates on claims on their Facebook page here.

(Information via Livestock Loss Board Facebook; Photo: earthxplorer.squarespace.com)

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