Frozen In the Ice–Mother Nature’s Fury
By angelamontana

Posted: January 15, 2014


Have you ever been out ice skating with your significant other, and you notice something dark on the ice not too far from where you are?  Maybe you go to check it out, thinking it is a log or something, only to find that it is a moose, or European elk depending on where you are.

According to an article in The Local, this happened to Inger Sjoberg at Kosmo Lake in Norway.  She believes the animal was crossing the lake and fell through the ice, before it was solid, and got stuck.

Apparently, it is not uncommon to find animals frozen in the ice, although, this was the first time Inger had ever seen an animal like this.  “It’s part of nature that animals die in this way,” she told The Local.  The moose carcass has become quite the attraction for kids in the area.

Not too far away from the frozen moose, according to, Ingolf Kristiansen was on a short walk with his dog along the bay of Lovund, when he came across an unusual sight.  Thousands of herrings were found frozen solid into the ice.  It is believed they swam to the bay to avoid a predator, which proved to be a bad move, as, most likely, freezing cold temperatures and an east wind may have triggered the water to freeze faster than the fish could swim!

If it can happen in Norway, it can happen wherever there are animals, water and freezing temperatures, so keep your eyes open while you’re out in big sky country.

What’s the strangest thing you have ever encountered frozen in the ice in Montana?

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