Ice Angler’s Delight: Perch-Egg Pasta
By angelamontana

Posted: January 16, 2014

If you have been successful out on the frozen waters of Montana, or anywhere for that matter, and you are looking for something unique to do with your perch, how about add some flair to your upcoming perch dinner with a recipe that involves using perch EGGS.  Before you stop reading, please at least check out the recipe that Tom Isern, of North Dakota State University suggests…the whole “don’t dis it till you try it” thing comes to mind here…

vermicelli-in-bowlPerch-egg pasta. Come on now, you’ve had various seafood pastas, this isn’t all that weird, and it’s easy. Just begin with some hot oil in a skillet, into which you press more than a few cloves of garlic. Next add your seasoning of choice–my default seasoning in such matters is a canister of herbs de provence.

Now you’re ready for the roe. Squeeze the orange-gray eggs from the egg sack into the skillet and cook them for a minute or less, because they’re tiny. Salt lightly; add white wine. Let this simmer down, and serve it over vermicelli. The perch-egg flavor is somehow assertive and delicate at the same time. You will amaze your friends.

If you do end up trying this, we would love to see pictures and hear your opinion of how it tastes!  Tell us on Facebook at


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