Low Carb Muskrat Soup – Trapper’s Delight
By angelamontana

Posted: January 31, 2014

Hmuskrataving just trapped my first muskrat the day before yesterday (as you may have seen from the pic posted on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show Facebook page), I found this recipe particularly interesting.  Skinning a muskrat might be way easier than skinning a coon, but there isn’t much meat on a muskrat.  I am pretty sure the muskrat I got didn’t even have a pound of meat on it, so I am sure I would need another muskrat or two to make up 1 lb. of muskrat meat.  I think I will wait and see what other people say about this recipe before I try it, though…

Muskrat Soup

(Recipe via peavine.com)

Total carbs (calculated using 1 lb. muskrat and 2 cups cream): 
22 g

1	muskrat (1 lb)
2 c	cream
3	hard boiled eggs
1 T	dry mustard
1 T	flour
Black and cayenne pepper and salt

Covered prepared muskrat (musk removed and thoroughly washed) with
water in a pot with cover, and cook slowly until tender, adding water
if needed. Cool and take meat from bones and cut into small pieces with
scissors (it is important to use scissors). Save the pot liquor and add
an equal quantity of cream. Mash egg yolks, add mustard and flour and
stir liquid into it. Season to taste with black and cayenne pepper and
salt. Chop egg whitess and, with the meat add to soup after it has
boiled. Serve very hot. Sherry may be added at the table or before.
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