New Years Resolutions…No Problem!
By OutdoorAly

Posted: January 18, 2014

Losing weight and getting in shape is often on top of the new year resolution list, and most people turn to the gym to get in shape. But, hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors burns calories too. Keeping in shape for 2014 can be as easy as amping up the activities you already enjoy. Here is a break-down of calories burned by activity for a 178lb, 35 year old male, who is 6 ft tall.

You can plug in your own numbers at this website:

hunting deer/elk/large game = 382

hunting/general = 305 cal/hr

fishing from a boat =  115 cal/hr

fishing from bank standing = 191 cal/hr

ice fishing, sitting =76 cal/hr

bow hunting = 115 cal/hr

trap shooting =  115 cal/hr

moving ice house/set up and drilling holes = 382

skiing, light effort = 305

skiing, med effort = 382

skiing, vigorous effort = 465

Snow shoeing = 535

Snomobiling = 191

Cross country skiing, average 2.5 mph =  458 cal

Ice Skating = 458 cal/hr

Fulfilling a weight loss goal can be difficult, but by amping up some of your traditional routines could result in weight-loss success!

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