Would You Participate in a Topless Ice Fishing Derby?
By angelamontana

Posted: January 14, 2014

topless3Montana is home to dozens of ice fishing derbies every winter, but what do you think about a topless ice fishing derby?  Would you be more apt to participate or even be a spectator?   (Keep in mind that female participants would most likely be expected to wear swimsuit tops–sorry, guys)

Well, in Ontario, as part of the Fourth Annual Merland Park Ice Fishing Derby, a “Shirt Off, Fish Off” challenge is given to willing ice anglers.  Twenty bare-chested contestants participated in the event last year, all trying to hook a fish before they got frostbite or before the 25 minute timeframe ended.  Mike Bellefeuille, of Port Pertty, Ontario, won the event just 8 minutes in by hooking a 3-inch perch.

Seems like an interesting concept.  Would you participate in a topless ice fishing derby in Montana?

(Information via outdoorlife.com; Photos: torontosun.com)

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