11 Year-old Girl Shoots Mountain Lion as it Stalked Her Brother
By angelamontana

Posted: February 28, 2014

cougar28n-2-webLess than two weeks ago, eleven year-old Shelby White shot a mountain lion that was stalking her 14 year-old brother as he walked back to their house in the central Washington town, Twisp.

The girl’s father, Tom White, had chased the cat away from their calves twice on February 19th, and, the next day, as his son, Tanner, was returning back to the house after feeding the dogs, the father noticed the cougar following him and yelled to his son to close the door.

Shelby, who had a mountain lion tag, took aim at the very thin 4 year-old, 50-pound female cat and pulled the trigger, killing the predator before it reached her brother.  This was the third mountain lion killed in a week in the area just outside of Twisp.

Apparently, there is an unusually high number of mountain lions in this area, as agents say they “may be having trouble finding deer, their usual prey”.

Be aware of your surroundings regardless of where you are and what you’re doing!

(Information via komonews.com; Photo via nydailynews.com)

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