Best Game Revolvers from Colonel Smoothbore
By OutdoorAly

Posted: February 16, 2014

For those over 40, and those of us “gun guys,” we remember the iconic Inspector Callahan’s famous words, “…the most powerful handgun in the world” as he described the .44 Magnum. Time moves forward and the potent .44 is no longer the biggest, baddest handgun on the planet. That honor, the most powerful handgun cartridge in the world, belongs to the S&W 500 Magnum.


For revolver hunters, the .500 Mag is the ultimate cartridge for big game, including dangerous game. Capable of handling bullets of 500 grains, this monster has been used on all of the world’s big critters, including Cape Buffalo and even Elephant. S&W offers several revolvers based on the huge X-frame, the Performance Center’s 5 pound, 10.5 inch barreled being the ideal hunter’s worldwide revolver.


S&W also offers the same gun chambered in the .460 S&W Magnum. These .45 caliber guns are also capable of shooting .454 Casull and .45 Colt. This makes the .460 a very versatile revolver for hunting all of North America’s big game, including the great bears.

Raging Bull

Ruger offers a Super Redhawk in .454 Casull and two .44 Magnum models. Ruger also offers its venerable Super Blackhawk in .44 Magnum. Numerous models are available. Taurus has DA “Raging Bull” revolvers chambered in both .44 Magnum and .454 Casull. There are several finishes and barrel lengths available.


Desert Eagle’s BFR, “big framed revolver,” is chambered in .30-.30 Winchester which is of course an old favorite of deer hunters everywhere. This is a single action gun that is both large and well made. Freedom Arms, Inc. manufacturers a truly wonderfully built SA revolver. This was the first gun chambered in .454 Casull. It is a very, very nice gun.

There are many other caliber and model options for revolver hunters seeking big game trophies. As with most firearms categories the choices for revolver hunters are almost limitless. Do your research, find a gun, get into the field, and have some fun.

Be safe and good shooting.

Colonel Smoothbore

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