Flying Rodent Spooks Deer Away from Late Dinner
By angelamontana

Posted: February 11, 2014

A lot of things can spook wildlife, but this might spook a lot of people, too.  The flying squirrel might look like it is going after the deer, but I bet it is going after the apples this deer is running away from….

Thank you to Kurtis Bell for sharing this pretty awesome trail cam pic with Chasing Trophy Whitetails.  Although, I believe this picture was taken in the midwest back in 2011, but it was worth sharing.

Fun fact on flying squirrels via Flying squirrels are omnivorous animals, meaning that their diet is based on both plant and animal matter. The flying squirrel is a nocturnal animal, so it forages for food under the cover of night as flying squirrels are not able to easily escape the birds of prey that hunt during the day. Flying squirrels eat nuts, seeds, fruits, berries, insects and bird eggs.

kurtisbell to chasing trophy whitetails

(Photo submitted to Chasing Trophy Whitetails Facebook page via Kurtis Bell)

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