Get Decked Out at Bob Ward’s!
By angelamontana

Posted: February 26, 2014

The custom pickup bed storage is a creation from a company called Decked. Chad Ward the President of Bob Ward’s explains why he recently got Decked for his pickup, “Decked makes the truck bed so much more versatile for me. I can store rarely used tools like a shovel, axe, and jumper cables in one of the boxes so the cab of my truck can handle my kids and all of their “toys”! And then I have the second box to use for a variety of my gear depending on the season – golf clubs and camping gear in the spring/summer, hunting gear in the fall, and ski gear in the winter. And I still have the top open for hauling larger and “dirtier” things while my gear is safe and clean underneath! Very cool and VERY useful”.decked4

Decked has chosen Bob Ward’s as their first retailer in Montana. Ward is excited to be the first to offer their active customers Decked, “With Decked, your truck has the versatility of lockable storage while keeping gear out of the main cab, and still leaving a fair amount of hauling capacity in the truck bed. We think that Decked is exactly what our customers will want to enhance their outdoor experience”.

Come in and see how you can get Decked at a Bob Ward’s store near you. Bob Ward’s has stores in Missoula, Hamilton, Helena, Bozeman, and Butte.

(Written by the Captain; Photos via Chad Ward-Bob Ward’s)

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