By angelamontana

Posted: February 11, 2014

1000233869SAVAGE— Region 7 game wardens are looking for information on those responsible for killing and wasting at least five white tailed buck deer and numerous white tailed does during the 2013 hunting season at Seven Sisters Wildlife Management Area. According to Warden Ryan Karren, these were not animals that were wounded and lost because of the dense cover. Evidence clearly shows that in each case the individual(s) responsible approached the deer and either left it untouched or cut the head off and left it to waste. “There were two instances where two large white tailed bucks were shot, drug to a more secluded location, where their heads were removed,” stated Karren. No attempt was made to retrieve the animals.

“Unfortunately this is not uncommon,” said Warden Captain, Jack Austin. “I suspect every Game Warden in the state is working on headless abandoned cases. However, that does not make it right and any outdoor enthusiast or sportsman should be outraged hearing about these cases.”

Anyone with information regarding this incident, or other cases in which fish and wildlife resources are being stolen from Montanans, is urged to call (800) TIP-MONT and may be eligible for a reward. Individuals may also contact Warden Karren at (406) 853-7272.

(Report by Montana FWP; Cover photo:

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