Muffpot: Snowmobile Meal on the go!
By OutdoorAly

Posted: February 8, 2014

Snowmobiling and snacking never been so inventive! Food placed into a small pot attached onto the motor of your snowmobile to heat it! Wonder what kind of food can be cooked in this Muffpot? Here’s the description from the manufacturer:

Imagine, a quick and convenient way to have a hot meal on the cold trail.  Just attach the Muffpot stainless steel oven to your exhaust and enjoy your ride.  You can heat any any pre cooked food that you can simply think of!  Fried chicken, baked potato, burritos, meatballs, hot dogs, smokies, stew,  pulled pork, perogies, etc. The harder you ride the faster it cooks!

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