Walleye Rumored to be Largest in the Country Is Not True
By angelamontana

Posted: February 28, 2014

wow6aThere is an email going around about a 41-inch walleye being caught in Lake Erie, and they are estimating it weighs around 20-22 pounds.  The email states the record has not been confirmed, and that is true–the record has not been confirmed because the measurements are just not accurate.

Although the pictured fish was caught in Lake Erie, I found the original article showing the real stats of the monster.  John Gillespie’s 30-inch, 12-pound catch at Port Clinton  has somehow morphed into a 41-inch, possible 22-pound monster country record walleye.

Below is the email that is going around boasting of the 41-inch walleye, so if you see it in your inbox, just know that, although still a VERY nice catch, the stats for the fish are not actually equivalent to the dinosaur-sized stats described in the email.  Click here to read the original article on Gillespie’s catch posted on the Sandusky Register’s website, and then compare it to the email below to see just how much a story can change from one person to another:

There is a rumor going around that a 41-inch walleye was caught through 14 inches of ice, just north of Catawba Island in 27 feet of water in Lake Erie.

Now I know the rumor is that there are no fish in Lake Erie…………………….but…………………….the one fish that was still out there just got landed yesterday.

This 41 inch monster Walleye (weight unknown) was caught thru 14 inches of ice just north of Catawba Island in 27 ft. of water by one lucky ice fisherman. A buddy of mine who is an ice fishing guide on Put-In-Bay sent me this picture today.

Estimated weight is 20-22 lbs making it one of the largest Walleye ever caught in the entire country. They are waiting for the weight to be officially verified but it looks to have completely smashed the previous state record of 16 lbs 3oz.

This is fantastic news and speaks volumes for our fishery.

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