“Westbound and Down” by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle
By angelamontana

Posted: February 22, 2014

ontheroadWell, I must admit this is a first for me. It is 9:22 pm and we are traveling through Spoakne, WA heading to the Columbia River and I figured I would take this opportuntiy to write a quick blog. We were so busy this week shipping orders and preparing for the voyage, I didn’t have time to talk about our departure for the big river. It seems that it never fails that when we take fishing or hunting trips they quickly turn into a wild goat roping expedition. Never the less, we are on our way with our eyelids propped open with toothpicks and jigging arms twitching. The roads from Helena to Spokane were a nightmare pulling a boat. It took us almost eight hours to do a normal five hour drive. To ale the pain, we just indulged in a delicious Subway sandwich and black coffee…ha ha. The roads are now clear and will hopefully be smooth sailing from here.


Snow passage to the rest stop on Lookout Pass

 From previous trips, we have coined the Columbia as the most generous, yet humbling, frustrating, and intimidating river in the world! The weather forecast looks pretty decent so far for this trip so please keep your fingers crossed for us. We will be fishing a new stretch of river this trip with less action, but a chance at a very big fish. A guy has to mentally prepare himself to come out here…we are only looking for one or two bites a day. I made sure to pack an entire suitcase full of patience. Every time you lift your jig on the Columbia River there is a chance at one of the world’s largest walleye. This to me…is the sexy romance with this river. And a true romance of mine it is…not a day passes in this world I don’t for at least a few seconds get mentally lost making a drift down its wondrous flowing waters.

Too tired to be excited, we are running on fumes and focusing on making it to the Tri Cities ASAP. I can already hear the gulls crying and smell the salty freshwater crashing against the boat. We plan to fish for a couple hard days and will be giving the full report next week. Tails tucked and humble pie or big fish and bright eyes…we will have the skinny for you! Wish us luck “Jiggin’ the Dream”

(Written by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle – www.kitstackle.com)

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