How to take your Wife Fishing! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 21, 2014

Not all women are created equal when it comes to “Outdoor Adventure”. Husbands know that taking their wives outdoors can be great fun but that can come at a huge cost. The extra planning, preparation, and presentation of this event is certainly worth the effort.

First of all, be thankful that your partner is willing and trustful enough to attempt something out of their comfort zone. Their needs are few but important.

mgwPick a nice day! If there is a chance of foul weather, go to a movie or bar instead of the great outdoors. Great weather will set the stage for a successful fishing or outdoor trip.

Comfort comes first! Make sure that her outfit is not only warm, dry, and comfortable, but also stylish. The usual outfit will consist of a hodgepodge of various gear. The waders must be waterproof, the jacket warm, and the hat cool looking.

 Sunglasses need to be polaroid but look nice as well. Don’t share a scratched and crappy looking pair of “Nerdy” fishing glasses. If your wife looks like a nerdy “Erkle” she will act like a nerdy “Erkle”. If your Wife can see things clearly and look good, there is hope that you will look good too.

Bathrooms are a reality to a woman. Plan for it and expect it. Choose a fishing access site that has a toilet available. It may be gross, but at least it’s not a log, rock, or bush. Extra tissue and sanitizer is a nice touch. If you have a “Portable Pottie tent”, you may be golden.

The fish may not always cooperate, so a backup plan is essential. Snacks are an appetizer for more fun and time on the water. You need to find ways to entice your “Fishing Buddy” to hang in there. Maybe some wine, cheese and crackers, or even a great candy bar will extend the day. Remember, your Wife came along to shut you up and spend time with you but not really fish.

Be Patient! If you are anything less than the perfect fishing guide, the day will end up on the rocks. Don’t be condescending in any way unless you enjoy driving home in silence. Be prepared for the mistakes, tangles, and screw-ups. That is how all of us learned. If you can’t do this, let your Fishing Buddy take your wife fishing. You can take his wife.

Don’t plan to fish from sunrise to sunset! If this is your plan, don’t take your wife. A shorter and simpler day is better. Her experience needs to be fun and inviting. You may want to attempt a future trip.There can be huge dividends for the Husband that can pull off a successful trip.

Make the day “Picture Perfect”. Women love to have a photo memory of a fun day. This picture will come back to celebrate the day for years to come. It is also documentation that you both survived. Always have her screen the snapshots for approval before you post them! Complimentary pictures will end up being posted on Facebook as bragging rights to all of her friends. This may also encourage other reluctant husbands to attempt a fishing trip with their wives. Either way, you are money!

Catching fish is not a requirement for a fun day! Fishing and Catching are two different things. If you can create a situation where the two can merge, you may end up as a God! Have faith, even a “Blind Squirrel will find an acorn once in a while.” With a little luck, your Wife may score a nice fish and a wonderful Husband at the same time!

Tight Lines and Screaming Reels are better than……

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