Power of Pro-Staff (by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 6, 2014

Where do I even begin when I try and explain or describe the sheer beastliness that my Montana Pro Staff team Jim Muscat and Dave Gregor have under their fish skin?!?! As you all know, Kit’s Tackle has grown very rapidly in the last year due to its continued success and awesome proven results on the water. Dad and I still get out as much as possible, but to feel 100% confident we are bringing the most innovative and lip ripping products to market…we hand it over to our pro staff to pound the H20 mercilessly. We are very grateful to have a two of the best anglers in the state being so dedicated and loyal to Kit’s Tackle. Jim and Dave not only excel in the tournament trail…they fish a multitude of different water in all situations and conditions. In fact, just a couple weeks ago as we were all anticipating fishing the Gates of the Mountains and they broke the ice, LITERALLY!!

ps1Jim breaking out the ramp at Gates of the Mountains

Jim and friend, Dave and Brandon (Dave’s son) spent half the day breaking ice so they could be the first boat pitching Glass Minnows into the fresh, cold water. The hard work paid off!!

ps2Jim’s dog Penny saing, “umm dad, I’m not too sure about this adventure”

ps3The father and son (Dave and Brandon) duo “Jiggin’ the Dream” …“1/4 ounce FIRE TIGER Glass Minnow was the hot bait” said Brandon


ps5“It’s just a truck right” said Dave

(Written by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle)

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