Redneck Prom Attire – Camo at its Finest?
By OutdoorAly

Posted: April 27, 2014

Camouflage isn’t just for hunting season any more, a few creative designers have found a way to bring the outdoors in with camo formal wear.

Montana is  a hunters paradise, and with that lifestyle come a few fashion staples:  Hunter’s orange and camouflage. While browsing Pinterest the other day, I came across a collection of camouflage prom and wedding dresses. This trend is turning function INTO fashion.

If you think this trend is taking the hunting pattern overboard, you might appreciate some of these crazy clothing designs we covered in a previous post: here

But with prom season coming up around Montana, there might be a few avid hunting fans looking to make camouflage stand out instead of blend in!

Here are some of the trending camo looks for teen prom attire:




For more formal camouflage designs check out



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