This Little “Honey Hole” has Big Surprise for Angler!
By OutdoorAly

Posted: April 24, 2014

This angler appears to snag a nice size trout out of a puddle! Anglers dream of “honey holes” like this; this hole happens to be nicknamed “the pit”, and for good reason. The water beneath the surface of vegetation the angler is standing on flows through, and could be anywhere from 50 plus feet deep. Check out his video of the catch:

A little more research on the illusive “honey hole” brought up information on bog holes and how they work. Here is an image showing what this may look like beneath the surface.


Side view of bog hole

bog hole

noun Physical Geography .

a land-surface depression occupied by waterlogged soil and spongyvegetative material that cannot bear the weight of large animals.
Although this video was shot in Norway, these bog holes are also common in Minnesota and Florida. If you come across one, tread lightly, people have been known to fall through the surface and have the bog close over top.
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