Elk Rescue on Hebgen Lake [VIDEO]
By Kamp Cook

Posted: May 10, 2014

Recently a video has surfaced online of a cow elk stranded on thin ice on Hebgen Lake, near West Yellowstone.

According to the YouTube description

May 3rd, a cow elk has fallen through the ice on Hebgen Lake. Patrick Daigle, of Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellwstone, along with a small group of concerned locals, Jake with Mt dept of transportation and Chuck to help facilitate the rescue. With the group of passers assembled, a few calls were made and a rescue operation was set in motion. The ice is still plenty thick and can hold multiple people, but in a few spots, underwater springs have weakened some areas which cannot be spotted by the elk. The cow elk seemed a little banged up, two dogs were reportedly biting at here ears when she was first spotted, and her shin was visibly raw from trying to free herself. All in all, she at least has a chance and we hope that she has warmed up in todays afternoon sun!!! I kept running out of memory, I was more concerned for the elk, and I was more concerned for me so sorry for the less than perfect video. Great showing of support and genuine caring from the locals here in West Yellowstone!!!!!!!

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