It’s Raining Perch on Flathead Lake
By OutdoorAly

Posted: May 22, 2014

A surprise perch bite on Flathead Lake greeted Ken Ault and his dad Jim last Saturday. The were fishing out on East Polson Bay and the perch just about started to jump in the boat. “It was amazing we didn’t think the perch would be hitting like this normally this time of the year the bite is pretty much done by now, ” said Ken. They threw about every 6th one back and kept over 100 9-11 inch perch. “We were the only boat out there fishing for the perch that day so it surprised us how well they were biting. I guess that goes to show you that you just never know.” There is onew thing for sure you can catch fish when the fish are biting but…you have to be fishing!   

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