Limiting Out Opening Day at Lake Mary Ronan
By OutdoorAly

Posted: May 18, 2014

The Captain did the Montana Outdoor Radio Show live from Lake Mary Ronan state campground Saturday morning, and started fishing at 2pm, limiting out on salmon not long after. 

The report? Opening day at Lake Mary Ronan went well!


“I missed a lot of bites but managed to get my limit by 6pm,” said the Captain. “Most anglers seemed to be catching Kokanee and some were catching their limit Saturday.”

How did Cap limit out on salmon? Well, he was using a orange Swedish pimple with white reflective tape and a light green glow hook tipped with raw shrimp.  He also put shrimp oil on the shrimp. The Captain was fishing in 24 feet of water and catching the salmon off the bottom.

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