Ancient Hunting Camp Discovered Underwater in Great Lakes
By angelamontana

Posted: June 30, 2014

(Photo: Museum of Anthropological Archaeology, University of Michigan)

“Deep below the surface of Lake Huron, scuba-diving researchers have found an elaborate network of hunting blinds and animal-herding structures dating back roughly 9,000 years,” according to an article on from April of this year. “Lake levels of the day were some 250 feet lower, exposing a narrow bridge of land running from one side of Huron to the other. Prehistoric people evidently thought this isthmus was a perfect place to intercept caribou on their seasonal migrations. The hunting site they built, now inundated, opens a window onto prehistoric America and provides valuable evidence in a region where such artifacts are practically non-existent.”

Archaeologist Alan Osborn of the University of Nebraska-Omaha and the University of Nebraska State Museum, who was not involved with the discovery, stated that this underwater archaeological discover is “revealing a site that’s in pretty much pristine condition.”  Osborn also believes that if this particular finding was discovered above water on solid ground, it “probably would’ve been bulldozed away for a Walmart parking lot by now.”

Do you think there is anything like this underwater in Montana?  This is an interesting discovery, and it definitely makes me wonder how much is yet to be discovered out here in Big Sky country.

For the full story and more details on this particular discovery, click here.

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