Girls with Guns! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: June 2, 2014

girlswithguns2Guns are empowering. Girls with guns are even more exciting. Now before you go crazy over gun control issues, remember that all Americans have the right to bear arms. American Girls can shoot too!

Traditionally, men seem to end up as the “shooters” in our society. Annie Oakley and many other pioneer women were also efficient “trigger pullers”. They had to be crack shots while they protected the “homestead” and kids while the “Men” were off hunting.

When my daughter brought a boyfriend to visit, I always reminded her guest to be a gentleman and oh by the way,” I can hit a target at 1000 yards and my Daughter can too”! It makes them think a minute about making the best choices. This is similar to the Country song about the Dad sitting there cleaning his gun as he talks to the new boyfriend.

Girls make great Marksmen. Their attention to detail, safety, technique, and instructions allow them to develop shooting skills quickly. Breathing and trigger pull are essential to accuracy. These require skill, not muscle and manly brawn. A gentle touch and style makes for smart shooting skills.

After a stressful day, shooting is a wonderful way to relax. My wife enjoys plinking tin cans while my Daughter likes clay targets. Now I know that Girls will be Girls, but in my experience, they seem to appreciate the safety and rules of the sport more than boys.

On one occasion, I took my Boy Scout Troop to the rifle range for some training. Our troop invited the sisters and girls to come along as well. Each marksman needed to qualify with a target 22 rifle before they could advance to the next shooting station. The training was excellent and everyone did their best.

girlswithgunsThe boys shot quickly and wildly. The girls punched bull’s eyes! The next station taught the ladies how to shoot Garand M-1 rifles, Uzi’s, and shotguns. As the boys kept trying to qualify, the girls were discovering a whole new world of shooting fun.

Gun education is essential for everyone. Fear of weapons is good thing but knowing how to use them could save a life. This fear ensures safety awareness. I am so tired of stories about someone with a gun shooting up a day care, school, or places where guns are absent and innocents are present. These “cowards” prey on victims that can’t shoot back because of laws that prevent victims from protecting themselves.

Women historically have been considered easy prey. Hopefully with more women in the military, law enforcement, and shooting sports, this attitude will change. Women shooters are the fastest growing population in our gun toting ranks.

Welcome Ladies!!! Shoot safe and aim center!

Montana Grant

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