Momma Grizzly Bear Charges Drift Boat with Cubs at Her Side
By angelamontana

Posted: June 23, 2014

Have you had any experiences with grizzly bears in Region 2?  Missoula on the Fly recently posted on Facebook an encounter with a grizzly bear that charged the angler’s drift boat up to the water’s edge.  Apparently, she and her cubs were feeding on an elk carcass about a mile downstream.

Check this out, and be sure to give Missoula on the Fly a Facebook Like for sharing their story:

This is a pic of the Grizzly bear that bluff charged my drift boat yesterday. She charged to the waters edge, stood up and huffed at us before turning to lead the cubs away from my boat! The bears were feeding on an elk carcass about 1 mile downstream from River Junction in the Canyon. I spent my morning on the phone with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (Region 2), they went in today and moved the elk carcass away from the riverbank. All is clear now!!! What a cool (scary) experience!


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