Beaverhead River Fishing Report 7.10.14 (by FishTales Outfitting)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 10, 2014


  • Clark Canyon Dam –  497 cfs
  • Barretts  – 733 cfs


       good at 3+ feet, some weed beds letting go because of the increase in flows

The Beaverhead River flows are up slightly again after dropping during the middle of June. Now that the weather has settled into the normal hot and dry pattern irrigators downstream have begun calling for more water and the fishing is on fire! PMDs are hatching every morning and Yellow Sallies in the afternoons.

Nymphing, dries, and dry/dropper all working very well. Pick your method it’s all good! Clark Canyon Creek has not been an issue and Grasshopper Creek has cleared making the fishing down to Barrett’s (FAS) good as well. Check out our Montana Fly Fishing Vacation Specials to book your trip now!



  • We are catching trout on PMDs in the morning when the temperatures are cooler.
  • Try a Sparkle dun with a rust trailing shuck.
  • Try a Drowned or Rusty Spinner if the hatch the day before was heavy.
  • Try a Limestone or Flash Cripple or emergers such as a CDC Still-born size #16
  • Trina’s paratrooper PMD.
  • Yellow Sallies a little later as the air temps rise.
  • Stimulators in yellow, olive or royal. Goldie Hawn, Kyle’s HFH Yellow Sally, Gould’s Half-Down Yellow Sally size #14-16


Nymphing with two fly’s and a drop shot leader under an inductor will still be your most productive method for catching trout on the Beaverhead River.

  • Pheasant Tails, Mitchell’s Split Back PMD and BWO, Mercer’s Trigger PMD, Half-back Emerger PMD.
  • Barr’s Emerger PMD , Burk’s Hunchback Infrequens, Mercer’s Micro Mayfly in brown and olive, Mercer;s Psycho May in brown and olive
  • Kyle’s Yellow Sally nymph, Silverman’s BH Epoxy-Back Red Tag Sally, Goldie Hawn, Psycho-prince in orange or dirty pink
  • Trina’s PMD angle case emerger PMD, Kyles BH Superflash Pheasant Tail in yellow
  • All sized #14-18.


The streamer fishing has been hit or miss unless it is cloudy.

  • Old school patterns such as Wooley Buggers in black or olive, Zonkers in natural/pearl and natural/copper and white.
  • Mini-loop Sculpin in natural and olive.
  • Bow river Bugger’s in brown or olive, Zuddler’s in olive or white.
  • All sized #4-8

TIPS: Bring a lot’s of water and sun-block as well as preparations for that afternoon thunder-boomer. Happy Angling!

For more information on Montana fly fishing and guided fishing trips on the Beaverhead River please contact Fishtales Outfitting.  This Beaverhead River Fly Fishing Report 7-9-14 Fly fishing is written by Michael Stack, outfitter and guide.


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