C’mon Guys! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 7, 2014

litterI was hiking along the river and ran into several beer-drinking fishermen. They had a fire going and were enjoying the companionship, fishing, and beer. They had carried their party snacks and drinks almost a mile to their fishing spot.

“This is our favorite fishing hole” they bragged. “It is so nice here and we love fishing in this beautiful place.” They were nice enough, and I wished them well. Later, I walked back down the bank to discover that these “fishermen” had left a pile of trash and a smoldering fire… so much for loving their “Favorite Fishing Hole.”

C’mon Guys! Why can’t you carry the much lighter trash and beer cans back to the truck? Is there a reason that you feel the need to “mark your territory“ with your garbage? I know that critters can leave a lot of sign behind, but they are animals without human brains. If you can pack it in, you can pack it out!

As Sportsmen, we have a responsibility to model proper and appropriate outdoor etiquette. Our example teaches others how to do it right. As a Boy Scout, I was taught to “always leave a campsite better than you found it”. This is a good motto to follow. If you think for one millisecond that you should clean up your mess, then do it!

Years ago, I started a beer can collection by picking up the left behind aluminum along the roads and watersheds I visited. Not only did I acquire an incredible collection of cans, I also sold the extra aluminum and pocked money that I could buy more fishing tackle with. Collecting aluminum became a profitable routine.

It is important that “Sportsmen” set a good example for others to follow. Enough private landowners have posted their property because of slobs that leave their trash behind. Don’t be a lazy slob and trash up where you have traveled. Respect the environment, landowners, and other sportsmen, by leaving your campsite, trails, and fishing spots better than you found them!
Clean up your act!

Montana Grant

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