Huge Lake Trout Caught at Flathead
By angelamontana

Posted: July 9, 2014

We have a report from Mike Howe of A Able Fishing Charters and Tours of a giant lake trout recently caught at Flathead Lake.  Here more info on the 45-incher:

The big fish are moving in again on Flathead Lake. The A Able boats caught multiple big fish today, ranging from 29 inches up to 41 inches on Guide Clay Andersons boat, and this fantastic 45 inch 36 pound beauty caught by Outfitter Mike Howe.

This giant fish represents one of only two 45 inch fish caught in anyone’s recent memory, smashing the 42.5 inch state record fish length. No doubt the fishery on Flathead is changing, but there are still big ones to be had. Never give up, fish hard or stay home!

John and Mike 45inch

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