Wild and Crazy! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 15, 2014

wildandcrazyIt is important to LIVE our lives! It is fine to test our limits but make sure that you are always prepared for an emergency. Swimming, hiking, camping, boating, and outdoor adventure are incredible adrenaline rushes that can quickly turn deadly.

As a Boy Scout Scoutmaster and teacher, I needed to anticipate, plan, and prepare for the worst. Things can go south in a hurry if you turn a blind eye to what may go wrong. There is so much liability and potential for a disaster especially in our outdoors. We all have a responsibility to look out for one another.

Experience has taught me that when you prepare for the worst, it rarely happens. Carrying a First Aid Kit is a good beginning. We all should be prepared to deliver first aid. This training and a kit are cheap but priceless assets when needed.

Not everywhere has cell phone service so you may have to support an injury until help arrives. Our Federal and State agencies have developed regulations and guidelines that are designed to keep us safe. Know and respect these rules.

Make sure that you clean up after yourselves so that others can also enjoy the clean open spaces. Leave a campsite better than you found it is common outdoor courtesy. In bear country, it becomes a safety factor. Leaving trash, fish guts and food may be the attractant that invites a bear or critter into the next camper’s tent.

Be open to helping others in the event of an emergency. Notify authorities if you witness issues that could become lethal. When you make a mistake, learn from it and teach others how to avoid them.

Alcohol, drugs, and fatigue are a recipe for disaster. These ingredients allow your normally careful and cautious senses to disappear. If you must drink, allow a designated driver, lifeguard, or Captain to oversee the adventures. Someone, with a “brain”, needs to deliver the common sense when others have misplaced theirs.

What is the point in being “Wild and Crazy” if you are not around to tell the story? By all means have fun and discover what the great outdoors has to offer. Many of us survived a generation without bike helmets, limits, and rules. Yea, we were cool and we also have the scars to prove it.

Rock and Roll, Safely!

Montana Grant

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