Montana Hunter Asking for Help from Montana Land Owners
By angelamontana

Posted: August 28, 2014

(Darren Newsom’s youngest daughter’s first elk taken in New Zealand)

Darren Newsom, of Stevensville, is a long-time Bitterroot valley resident and businessman.  Newsom is also an avid hunter and conservationist who doesn’t limit his hunting adventures to Montana. He has hunted all over the world, including exotic locations such as Africa and New Zealand, where his, then, six-year-old daughter shot her first elk this past summer (see picture on right).  Newsom has several of the mounts of animals that he and his three daughters have harvested over the years, at Ammo and More in Stevensville, on display to the public.


(Darren Newsom’s 270 buck)

Darren Newsom is on a mission these days to help with mule deer conservation.  is to “help them and their habitat for future generations”. Newsom recently purchased his first Montana Governor’s Mule Deer conservation tag at an auction. The money paid for the tag will go toward mule deer conservation and habitat improvement. “I want to be a part of mule deer management and not just hunting for the trophy,” Newsome said.  He is very active with the Mule Deer Foundation and just helped complete a $50,000 project with the organization, that was funded by Cheaper than Dirt, an online sporting goods store based out of Texas, that will help improve mule deer habitat right here in Montana.

Darren Newsom is seeking help from a Montana landowner.  He is offering to pay a trespass fee to the land owner that has mule deer hunting available on their property.  If you are a land owner anywhere within the state of Montana and are interested in helping Darren harvest a mule deer buck on your land, please call him at 406.239.0903 or email him at

This is for a good cause, so spread the word!


(Darren harvested the largest buck ever taken on the Tiburon Island and the first legal buck harvested on it as well. Watch for a life size mount to be displayed at Amo and More after the taxidermy work is complete.)


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